Thursday, September 27, 2012

You saw it here first

Ack! My darlings, don't you just love when the things you love come together? Like Amy Adams and Clint Eastwood in a movie together or burlap and lace in home decor. Or...

The Verona Gown from Kelsey Genna's debut boutique collection

Just two weeks ago I was blabbering on about the greatness of Matchbook, and, Last March one of Miss Genna's designs caught my eye while I was hunting for inspiration on Etsy. You might remember the sweet Begonia Dress from her Etsy shop...

 ...and the garter it inspired.

Well now, Kelsey has an online boutique...

...the Begonia Dress has a few chic new friends...

Begonia Gown I

Begonia II Gown

Begonia Cocktail Dress

 ...and all of the greatness is being touted by Matchbook Mag!

Cherry Blossom Gown

Also, how gorgeous is the designer?


Go! Bask in the loveliness! Just remember, you saw it here first.

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