Friday, September 7, 2012

Make me a match!

One of the perks of Housewifery is that a larger percentage of my work is away from the computer. Promoting a small business is very media/tech-centric. Now that I have to be on the computer less I want be on the computer more. In other words, less screen fatigue means I can better enjoy things such as Matchbook Magazine.

In the past I've avoided e-zines and e-books and even some of my favorite blogs because I feel it is important to take time away from a screen. I know, I know - all you Kindle, iPAD, Nook owners just hit"unfollow" thanks to my blasphemy.


Matchbook is amazeballs. If Anthropologie, Shabby apple, and Real Simple got together to make a magazine, I probably read it, but only after I'd finished my issue of Matchbook.

Dust off your riding boots, ladies - Autumn is here!

Well, I don't mind if I do...

The mag plays with fashion, art, history, design, literature, shopping, social scenes, entertainment... And they didn't even pay me to tell you all this!

Basically, it makes a great primer for any lady looking to impress at a cocktail party. Speaking of making an impression check out this J. Crew top on guest editor, Erin Hemstra's wish list.

Zigzag sequin tee available at
Oh yeah.

I could go on, but all this raving has made me eager to immerse myself in the Matchbook September issue. Which, by the way, is also available on the iPAD.

Do you have any online "must reads?" Do tell!

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