Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pick Me Up

Lately I have found myself in one of those no-win situations, and boy has it been a downer. Tears, stress, barely controlled cravings for pie... Yech.

Today, when I woke up to pale sunlight and almost cool weather I was determined to feel better about everything. To help, I put together a few happy thoughts.

Get Some Advice
from the Pixel Prince

Make a Wish
The Gardens of Marqueyssac via Oh By The Way

Be Blown away
from Klips n' Scraps

And Remember...
Because It's Awesome and the I Am Project


Sarah said...

Janice!!! I will arrive on Saturday, does that count as a pick me up? :) Just remember that you are AWESOME!!! And you have a ton of people cheering for you in everything that you do. Love ya!!

Janice Bear said...

Saturday!? My calendar says Monday. Whoa! And yes, it is quite the pick me up. Things are looking a lot better. Thanks for the sweet words and good cheer. Looooove you!