Monday, September 24, 2012

Pinned it and Did it

If you've been following along lately you may have noticed words such as "blah" and "funk" sprinkled liberally throughout my rather sparse blog posts. So pathetic.

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I think one of the major funk contributors is my growing list of possible projects and my stagnant repertoire of completed crafts. That sort of thing leaves a person feeling unaccomplished and bad at time management.

Sewing PhD poster via Cafe Press

Luckily, my sweet Sarah girl came for a visit, and do you know what Sarah loves to do? Crafts! So instead of dragging my happy butt to the zoo trying to entertain a guest by looking at hot animals in the hot sun, I got to knock some stuff off my to do list with my best friend and my best daughter. Awesome sauce!

While it might look like terror on her face, she's actually screaming in excitement.

In honor of fall (and my enormous collection of fabric scraps) we started with some scrap-busting homemade pumpkins. I had seen something similar a while back, but I forget where. Luckily, the internet is equipped with Pinterest so I can find a similar source of inspiration to share.

via Small Fry and Co.

Cute, right?  We had so much fun going through all my autumn-toned fabrics. And by the time Sarah had to leave we had...

Can you guess which one belongs to who? I'll give you a hint: the littlest lady did not make the littlest pumpkin.

Just before we started our puffy gourds we went shirt shopping. Why? So we could make these!

Pinned here but originally seen here.
Until I saw those sweet tank tops I had no idea how much I needed to have tie dye in my wardrobe. Luckily, Sarah and Emily were totally game. Word to the wise, though: this is not a project for over-thinkers. The perfection lies in the imperfections. Unfortunately some members of our group have a hard time with that concept (I'm looking at you, Sarah). Personally, I love how they came out.

Alas, we never got a group shot of us in our matching tees. I did manage to snap Sarah and Em while they were busy getting their toes done (although, sadly, not tie-dyed) at D Retro.

If I were you, I'd be totally jealous.

And even though we had to send Sarah back to her home far too soon her visit did banish a good bit of my funk. Thanks, girl!

And you my darlings? What to-do have you done to lift your mood lately?

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