Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Prettily, precociously plaid

I have to start this post by saying these pajamas were not my idea. Oh no. when I bought this pattern it was because Em had asked for a nightgown like the one Wendy wears in Disney's Peter Pan.

Simplicity pattern 2831 found here. Screen shot of Wendy Darling via Wikipedia.

Sadly, all that went out the window when one of Emily's school mates showed up for pajama day in a pair paisley satin pajamas with long sleeves, a knee-length top, and pants. Apparently she looked just darling and Emily had to have similar PJs. HAD. TO.

I relented without much arm twisting because, why not? I got to sew something, Emily got new pajamas. We all win.

We trucked off to Jo-Ann's so Emily could choose fabric under strict orders to avoid anything slippery or stretchy. I'm still rather novice after all. In the clearance section she found this super soft, vibrant plaid:

Doesn't it just look like Emily?

After three weeks or so, Em's old-fashioned plaid pajamas are finally finished,and I learned quite a bit.

  1. Plaid is really, really hard to match up.  I did all sorts of turning and measuring, but still did not manage to make the pattern flow consistently from front to back or top to bottom.
  2. This crazy fabric was actually two different pieces of gauzy fabric tacked together intermittently. Ack!
  3. Emily can make any article of clothing look adorable.

Natalia agrees.

 Oh Emily. Preciously, precociously, plaidly Emily.