Thursday, September 5, 2013

Welcome to Virginia

Dear Internet,
I guess I took an unexpected blog hiatus. I had given myself permission to slack off on blogging on account of the move. Then, I got behind - so behind I didn't even know where to start. So, I just never started. Whoops. It has been implied, however, that curious minds want to know.

I'll try to catch you up.

It was a week before we actually closed and moved into our house so we chilled at a pretty nice Residence Inn for a week. Admittedly, the cats were able to settle in more quickly than Ben and me.

When I say we moved into the house what I really mean is "camped out." It was another three weeks before our stuff was delivered. Hence the photo here of our classy evenings together. Ben took his frustration out on our kitchen wall.

Does this remind you of anything?

I continue to struggle with the idea of doing one thing at a time so...

I had to do it, Internet. I mean, the master bathroom was brown. I'm actually quite fond of brown, but this particular shade in this particular room was a Perhaps a different angle will help you to better understand.

Sadly, neither the bathroom nor the kitchen has been finished.

After all, why spend time in a bathroom or kitchen when every inch of your neighborhood is begging me to come outdoors?

That's right, I took those photos in my neighborhood. Where I live. Don't be jeal.
Yeah right; you should totally be jeal. It is gorgeous here.

That's a snippet of my life the last few months. If you are very good I'll give you more snippets again soon!


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Kit said...

Look at Emily! She's all grown up! My goodness. And it looks so lovely there. Enjoy! Glad to "hear" from you.