Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Well, here I am again. They - you know, the blogging professionals - say you shouldn't apologize for blogging absences, but I just cannot help it. It feels as though I've cut my friends out of my life for a few months, and that I've let my future self down by leaving bits of my history unrecorded. Although, let's face it, I'm not exactly making biography-worthy history over here.

That said, let me present my excuse. No wait, let me preface my excuse.

Remember me doing Tough Mudder last December and getting these souvenirs?

Then I started 2013 by losing some weight. The doctors managed to put it all back on me that same day.

A few months later I left Florida. You might think I moved for health reasons considering the above. But no. We moved for Ben's job and to prove it I went and did this in October.

That, my friends, is the third knee brace I was prescribed after I fell while running and broke my patella.

The doctors tells me a horizontal break in one's knee cap is rare. It apparently happens so infrequently the ER doctor confidently told me I hadn't broke it; there was no way I could break it; not by just falling. Then he looked at my x-ray and declared I had fallen really hard. How did he know this? He felt the clear fracture shown on my x-ray offered excellent proof.

It has been several weeks and I'm doing very well so don't worry. Earlier, Ben bought me a nifty antique cane which was pretty boss. I'm now walking on my own and can can bend my knee 90 degrees.

There you have it. Do you think this knee deal is related to me breaking that mirror in January? I'm not sure I can survive six more years of this particular brand of bad luck.


christineginty said...

Oh, how I miss you... lol.

Sarah said...

Yay for being able to bend your knee!! The bad luck question made me laugh, :) I'm crossing my fingers and wishing you the best that it doesn't mean bad luck. Maybe you should get some horse shoes and rabbits feet, just in case. :)