Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My life in photos

The past month and a half have been nuts for the husband and me! Nuts, I tell you! The written history would be rather boring, so you get a photo essay instead.

The awesome-sauce pineapple knocker on our new front door. Which we OWN!
A gas range at last! The Commodore demands to know what the hell took so long.
Livin' it up. 'Cause lawn chairs in the living room and a TV atop a box are part of living the high life.
Colors for the master bath.
These two hate each other. So obviously they must both be in this one of the five sunlit patches available.
Sittin' pretty on our sexy new sofa.
The actual sofa.
Hypnotized by drying laundry.
Eat at Mike's. Their food is even better than their restrooms.

Feel up to speed? Good.

1 comment:

The Beverage Snob said...

ADORE that couch!

Also love that, according to the sentence structure under the first photo, you now own a door. Congrats! ;-)