Monday, June 3, 2013

Suits me

We have a pool (for now). I love the beach. It may surprise you, then, to know how rarely I actually get into the water. As a result I only own two bathing suits. Well that and I can never find anything that fits right. There's either not enough suit (no bikinis for me), not enough support, or too much suit (who are these women with such long torsos?).

Suddenly, however, I am inexplicably gripped by the desire to buy a new swim suit. And, oh, some of the ones I seen online...

The husband isn't a fan, but this ruffled one piece from Wildfox is calling out to my whimsical side.

This beauty from J. Crew's Luxe Tulle line just went on sale. Look at the support that thing has! And ruching hides a multitude of sins often all too visible amongst beach goers. Sadly, the "regular" torso measurement is almost eight inches longer than my torso. Dear J.Crew, add swimwear to your selection for petites. Thanks.

Betsey Johnson calls this raspberry confection "Shortcake." Doesn't it sound perfect for me? I love that it has the feel of a strapless but still has the very thing needed for keeping your suit where it should be even in rough waters.

Now if I could rock a two-piece I'd seriously consider doing it in one of these.

 ChloeScalloped Halterneck

Classic retro bikini in navy from BeBops
Why is bathing suit shopping so hard?!

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