Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Busy Busy Busy

I haven't written in a bit of a while, but don't think it's because I have nothing to write about; I think we can all agree I rarely run out of things to say. It's just that I've been doing, going, making so much lately I haven't found the time to tell you all about it. Here's the summary (mostly) in photographs.

My friend, Jim, graduated from college earlier this month.

Guess which one is Jim.

Jim is something of a teddy bear wrapped in a bad ass, tattooed, bald-and-I-own-it shell. In honor of that I accompanied Emily to a nearby ceramics studio and painted Jim a pretty pot.

It's impossible to tell, but I wrote "Ashes of Passed Exams" atop my painted flames. I have no idea what will actually go in his jar,but he seemed pleased with it.

I actually missed the giving of Jim's gift (his wife kindly delivered it) because I was in San Antonio at Hava's baby shower! And oh what a shower.  I wish I'd taken photos, but, alas, I'll have to wait for them to appear on Facebook. In any case, Hava and Ryan have chosen to do Baby Caleb's room in a Dr. Seuss theme and the shower took that idea to highest possible level.  I did my part via my gift: a tummy time swanky blankie.

I suspected I wouldn't have time to photograph the finished product so I took some snaps midway through the making. Babies learn so much about the world through touch so I chose a variety of fabrics and embellishments, each with a different texture and all in a common Seuss color.

On the flip side I went with a black and white color scheme. For the first few months babies are unable to see colors, but I wanted Baby Caleb to start enjoying tummy time to the fullest right from the start; well, as much as any baby ever enjoys tummy time.

Speaking of black and white...

Okay, black and white and pink. Those are the favorite colors of my favorite high school graduate, a darling girl called Courtney. She just got her dorm room assignment and I cannot wait to show her the memo board I put together. You might recognize the fabric... Since the wall was getting some jewelry I didn't want the bed to feel left out so I made a little something for that too.

Hopefully, she's as keen on monograms as I am.

I've got a few other things in the works: a shirt for Ben (because I like to punish myself) and some placements for a neighbor. I may even do a tutorial for the mats. Ooooo. Aaaaah.

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