Monday, March 25, 2013

Bag Lady

Over the winter holiday, Santa brought Miss Emily a very special new friend.

This is Caroline Abbott, an American Girl from 1812. Caroline is a perfect match for Emily because she's smart, brave, beautiful, and more than a little headstrong. You know, nothing like my daughter.

Just before the flight home from Grandma's house, we saw another little girl toting her American Girl in one of these nifty  things.

American Girl Starry Doll Tote

Oh how nice it would be to let Miss Caroline see the world instead of being clutched tightly against Emily's chest! Unfortunately, the carrier has been sold out.

It took my daughter about three minutes to get over here disappointment and  start shopping for an alternative. Is she my kid or what? As it happened, we didn't have to look very far because I had a nifty bag pattern bought way back when.

It doesn't look as though it is still available through Simplicity, but the Tuffy Girl Vintage shop on Etsy has it.

We also didn't have to go far to find fabric. See! I knew all those scrap bin purchases would pay off!

I just love that tulip print! Em chose that for the lining and trim, and the pink-tinged leopard print for the bag's outside.

No offense to American Girl, but our tote is way cuter!

Not to mention one-of-a-kind. just like a certain spunky somebody...

It is a bit big for Caroline, but that just means there's more room for her stuff to go with her!

And that doll already has a lot of stuff.

And I have one happy little bag lady.


Anonymous said...

How very very creative you are! The bag is awesome!! You have a great eye and imagine exactly how it will look. I don't have that vision, but oh how I wish I did. Emily and Caroline are very lucky to have you!!

Janice Bear said...

You're too much, Gayle! I can't make a quilt for the life of me.