Monday, March 18, 2013

Home is...

Well, I'm back from a week of house hunting in DC. I wish I could tell you the hunt is over, but things didn't turn out quite like we'd hoped.

I've said it before, house hunting is hard. However, this time around I confess it is also a little fun. The busybody in me relishes seeing the insides of all those different houses, and imagining how I would set things up if it were my home.

I can't take you into the houses I saw on my trip, but I'll gladly share with you some of my favorite inspiration homes and decor.

Brookleigh Daybed from Rosenberry Rooms

I'd set Emily up with this daybed in a heartbeat. Sadly, she's not that into it.

Smeg Refrigerator from West Elm Marketplace

Ben has already agreed this is the refrigerator for us!

Tiny Victorian cottage in the Catskills

I'm pretty sure Emily needs a little something like this in our backyard. She agrees saying it would be"perfect for a sewing studio."

Flor tiles in "Just Plain Folk" and "Lanyard"

I first read about Flor tiles in 2007 on I liked them then, but I fell in love when I saw this great rug on Brooklyn Limestone. I'm still working to bring the rest of my family around.

Powder room on HOUSEography

In DC powder rooms are in practically every house. At least one of ours will have dark blue walls and a gold ceiling. I'm doing it, there's no stopping me, don't even try.

English Farmhouse sink in a kitchen by Hallie Cohn Designs

I fully intend to have a farmhouse, or apron-front, sink someday.

And you? What's going on in your dream-house tour?

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