Friday, November 30, 2012

Leg Warmers

One of my favorite things about the HallowThanksMas holiday season is the number of parties everyone is either throwing or attending. I like parties and, more to the point, I like to play dress up.

A large number of party fashions admired by yours truly, however, are short. Short skirts, short dress, and, well, shorts.

Baby, it's cold outside! Okay, not in Florida, but elsewhere in the world it is cold - too cold - for bare legs. I advise you to stay warm (and look hot!) with a pair of fun, funky, or flirty tights!

A few of my faves from around the net:

Ombre Fuschian Violet tights from BZR

This store and these tights have been splashed all over fashion spreads. With good reason.  These are gorgeous! GORGEOUS.

DKNY All Over Lace Net Tights at bare necessities

The bare necessities website says the color of these is "Black Juniper." To me, that suggests black or a very dark green, but on my screen they are navy blue. If they are indeed navy I LOVE them. If not, they're nice, but not fabulous.  I will say I once splurged on a pair of brick red DKNY tights and boy was it worth it.  Four years later I still have those babies, and those babies are still as soft and stretchy as day one.

Sheer Polka Dot Tights from Anthropologie

Polka dots. 'Nuff said.

Jonathan Aston Chicago Tights from Alex Blake

Razzle and dazzle. Especially those red ones!

There are seriously so so many patterned tights out there and I only have the two legs (and a very short Florida cold season) on which to wear them!  Help me out and buy a pair or two? You're awesome.

P.S. Even during holidays tights are not pants.

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