Thursday, November 29, 2012

Oh, what to wear?

Since I was talking about an out-of-the-box host gift yesterday my mind was whirring with thoughts of holiday parties. I doubt I'll be throwing any, but I might get to go to one or two. What to wear?

Originally, I was just going to show this chic bronze, bedazzled number recently featured on The Coletterie.

Bronze dress from Dear Golden via The Coletterie

Then, I started clicking around in Dear Golden's shop and Oh. My. God!

I'll take this for a Christmas Eve reception.

1950s wool plaid wiggle dress from Dear Golden.

For this I'll have to find tickets to The Nutcracker followed by cocktails.

1940s green taffeta gown from Dear Golden

And for New Year's Eve I wouldn't hesitate to trade my LBD for this beauty!

1920s beaded chiffon dress from Dear Golden

Smashing, aren't they? I've shown you my holiday dream closet, so now you tell me about yours!

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