Friday, August 3, 2012

Hot Days of Homemeade: Two Months Down

I'll be the first to admit it, my summer without buying anything new has not been what I expected. If you remember, I issued myself a mission statement for Summer 2012:
This means I make my clothes if I want new clothes, I make curtains if I want curtains, I gift handmade gifts, etc. For things I cannot make, I will buy secondhand.
 But that's not really how it has gone so far.  Apparently, if I want new clothes I go to thrift and second-hand store to buy clothes. If I want new curtains, I covet a whole mess of expensive curtains and wait for fall to get here. I've done okay on the gift thing, though.

Imperial Candlewick (or Anchor Hocking Orchard Crystal) serving set I found for my mom

It isn't as though I haven't made anything. I did remake three pairs of pants and shorts (here, here, and here). I also put together a swanky blankie for my dear friend, Julie, and her new baby girl.

It has a fun,patchwork mix of textured fabrics for Baby Blake to enjoy and it is made entirely out of scraps.

Okay, I suppose I could give myself a little credit.  I'm still bothered by the amount of stuff I've managed to buy in just two months.  In fact, I think it might warrant further exploration. What say you, internet?  Do you find yourself buying things absentmindedly or are you strong-willed and impervious to marketing?

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