Tuesday, May 29, 2012


With the rain literally coming down in sheets outside my studio window it is hard to think yesterday was the start of summer for us in the states. Sure, the calendar says the first day of summer is June 20, but we all know Memorial Day is when it really begins.

1954 Cole swimwear ad via MyVintageVogue

Yesterday, that sweet boy of mine treated Emily and I to lunch at The Pub. Nothing says "I am celebrating an American holiday" quite like eating classic British fare at a pub. I digress. Besides the amazing beer selection and awesome menu, we love The Pub because it is a prime spot for people-watching. We snagged a corner table on the porch and let the fun begin.

And that brings me to today. People, I know it is hot outside. I live in Florida so I don't just know it's hot;  I know it is hot outside. I understand that your urge is to expose as of your skin as possible in hopes the heat will escape your body more quickly. But, please don't. Think of the children. There are plenty of actual clothes that you can wear to stay cool and look good through the season of swelter.  Let me help you out.

1. Ban polyester. It doesn't breath and, therefore, tends to make you sweat more.  More sweat means you'll feel less than fresh and you'll definitely smell that way.  Opt for lightweight, woven fabrics such as cotton or linen.

Victoria Dress from Sierra Brooke

2. Say goodbye to black; at least during daylight hours. The darker the color the more light it absorbs and when we're talking about sunlight you can bet we also mean heat.  No matter how cute that black tank top is avoid wearing it before sundown. I promise, you'll look just as good in other colors.

Floral + Red + Stripes via Life's a Journal

3. Pack your jeans away.  Okay, I know this might be hard for some of you.  Most of us all but live in our jeans.  If you must put on denim to feel human, at least opt for summer-weight denim.  Yes, there is such a thing.  The fibers in summer-weight jeans are thinner, making the fabric lighter so you can avoid heat stroke.  For those of you willing to part with your favorite pair of blues for a few months see above regarding fabric.

Put those jeans away! via Polyvore

So as to not overwhelm you, I'll save my list of don't for another day.  In the meantime, go! shop! dress summery!  And by all means, dress well.

Oh! I almost forgot to ask; what are your warm-weather staples?

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