Friday, April 6, 2012

Pinned it, then did it

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You guys know all about Pinterest, right? If it seems like everyone is talking about this site/electronic bulletin board, it's because they are. And they're talking about it because it's awesome.

I've been pinning for over a year now so my boards are quite developed. I have I mentioned that before? Whoops.

What I may not have mentioned is that I do more than just pin; sometimes I do, so I thought I would also share.

Pinned It, Then Did It


The Pinspiration

Scalloped Coffee Cozy made by Sarah Murray of Anyone Can Quilt


The Product

Since I don't see in color until I actually have my coffee each morning I stuck with a simple black cotton.  Well that and black cotton happened to be at the top of my scrap fabric pile.  I may try to jazz it up a bit later with some iron-on letters or a fabric applique. As far as functionality, though, it works pretty well.  I have very cool-looking coffee mugs, but the wide mouth tends to let the heat dissipate a little more rapidly than I would like - I have a vendetta against the rough of my mouth, apparently, and prefer my coffee piping hot.

Ta da!

There you have it.  I put my pinning to good use.  Now it is your turn. Have you tried your hand at anything you've been pinning.  Tell me all about it!  Send me links to your pinboards. Heck, send me photos of the pins you did!

Can't wait to see!

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