Thursday, February 23, 2012


It is Thursday, as in the day. I'm going to help register the Art of Earning LIVE attendees, then skip off to a day of business-centric learning. I'm so excited! Since I'll be representing Tara Gentile and Scoutie Girl as well as NPJ Designs, I checked in to see what I should wear.

"Smart casual is just fine. Dress to represent your business and your value."

Hmmm, my there a dress code for "priceless?" Probably not. Oh well, I'll just have to concentrate on looking smart.

I am so digging the menswear-inspired ladies wear Ralph Lauren put on the runway for his Fall/Winter 2012 collection.

via Quite Continental
I think I might be more quirky than chic, but I'm inspired nonetheless!

My pants are pretty boss. I love the black on black stripe! I still can't believe my former boss was willing to part with these, but I am so glad she did! The fit is perfect and the cut makes me look like I have legs for miles. I wish I could afford to have all my pants be Theory.

How great is that tie? It is actually a zipper!  I was hesitant to wear it at first, because I know how to tie a tie and I don't want anyone thinking otherwise. But, come on, it's a zipper!

Shirt: Express circa 2007
Tie: Garage sale

Perhaps this is a little too, um, hipster? for most work place events, but it's perfect for me! How do you define "casual smart?"


Gwyn said...

You rocked this outfit Ms. Janice! Way better than Annie Hall:)

Janice J. Bear said...

Oh, oh Gwyn, you flatter me. Wish you had seen the slick, silver satin car coat I threw on for dinner - a $10 score on 3rd Street! Please give my regards to your husband!