Friday, February 24, 2012

In the City

Today I am actually traveling again, but you guys have already seen a travel outfit. What you didn't see was my interpretation of a tourist. On Wednesday, before the cocktail dinner shindig, my travel buddy, Carrie, and I met up with the Tara Gentile for lunch at the Reading Terminal Market. Other than lunch and dinner, Carrie and I had no plans so we decided to wander the city a bit.

So what does one wear while strolling the farmer's market and artsy areas of Philly?

For the longest time I avoided wearing black with navy.  I have no idea why; it is really quite sophisticated. obviously, I am writing this before I actually leave for my trip, so I'm still on the fence about the scarf.  The sweater is a v-neck so I know I'll want something to fill in the negative space.  I'm just not sure silver is the way to go...

Yes, those are shorts and, yes, those are tights.  Again, please note that I am not wearing tights as pants. I'm wearing them under (short) pants. But can we please take a second to appreciate these sweet hounds tooth leg cover picked out by my savvy husband?

Awesome, right!?

Sweater: TJ Maxx
Shorts: Hand-me-downs
Shoes: Gianni Bini circa 2009
Scarf: Hand-me-Down

I also packed some jeans just in case I was too cold to wear the shorts and tights.  I'm stylish, not stupid.

But tell me, what would you put on to tour the big city?

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