Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Trend Spotting: Peter Pan Collars

Do you ever feel like there is a big disconnect between what is being worn in the land of Internet and what people wear in your reality?  It is sort of a bummer. I definitely feel my world would be a better place if I ran into more ladies rocking the Peter Pan collar.

submitted to lookbook.nu by Bekah D.

Oh ModCloth, how I love thee...

Bonny Stargazer Dress
Dot in the Act  Top

At first glance I thought this was Twiggy, but no! This is a current photo from a contemporary fashion blog.

See? Peter Pan collars are awesome!  Don't you kind of want one (or a few) for yourself? Yeah, me too!

The other day Kathleen over at Grosgrain posted this link to a faux collar tutorial.

The elegantly musing Casey shows you had to make a detachable fur number.

Click on the image for Casey's tutorial

And Suzannah spruces up some tanks using collars she made from vintage hankies! How sweet will these look under your fall and winter sweaters?!

Click on the image for Suzannah's tutorial

Have I won you over yet?

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bridechic said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting about ballet and tea length. Actually tea and ballet length are the same (mid-calf)but . . .and I know this sounds weird--ballet length can also graze the ankles so you were correct after all.