Monday, November 7, 2011

Outta control

We're going to talk about my studio space again today and I'm going to ask that you really indulge me because I just can't seem to think straight when it comes to this space.

I like to think I am an organized person.  I adore looking at efficient, aesthetic spaces.  I am enamored with all the trays and dividers at office supply stores. When I close my eyes and envision my work space I see neatly labeled boxes, discrete areas for each task, a cubby for every possible sewing tool.

In reality...well...

This is my computing area:

And here is my packing and shipping space:

I cut, layout, and iron here:

You guys, this is just embarrassing.  I mean, seriously? I pull everything out for a project and it all stays out until the project is finished even if it takes days.  But even when I clean everything up the room still feels so....


I don't know, wrecked?  I can no longer see a clear plan for getting this place into shape.


1 comment:

Sarah said...

Possibly put organizers on the wall to help clear the desk? Skirt on the desk to give a cleaner/smoother appearance?

For the shipping area breaking down the boxes and sticking them between the wall and shelf in the corner would make it looked less wrecked. :)