Monday, October 3, 2011


It has been quite awhile since I talked to you about my studio space. If you remember, this time last year I was dreaming of a coral and sage work room. This probably comes as no surprise, but that isn't exactly the color scheme that's taking shape these days.

Let's go back to the beginning. I started with this.

I actually like the green and probably would have kept it had I stuck with the original plan. But then I painted Emily's bathroom a gorgeous shade of gray.

Pewter Vase by Behr

It really is as beautiful shade, but it looked ghastly in Em's bathroom and had to be painted over. So sad. But not really because one doorway to the right sat my still unpainted studio.

When I started, it was not pretty. The top photo really glosses over a lot of the issues that were driving me crazy.

Pock marked walls.

Years of grimy dust built up around every receptacle.


But, finally the room is painted that lovely soft gray and the trim has a fresh coat of glossy white. The original paint was flat, which was great for hiding all the imperfections in the sheet rock but sapped the little natural light offered by the window. I am really surprised at the change made by using a semi-gloss.

I love love love my new gray and white palette! It doesn't compete with many many shades of fabric I work with all day. In fact, it offers a place for my eye to rest.

But my favorite part was actually an accident. I had wanted to make curtains from a beautiful fabric featuring cascades of black-trimmed white ruffles.  Sadly, when the time came to purchase said fabric it was nowhere to be found. But then I had an amazing idea!  I didn't need to make curtains. I just needed to hang a curtain rod. Why? Because of this amazing vintage table cloth that belonged to my late Grandma Belle.

Isn't it gorgeous? Check out the detail!

I love it!  Now to work on getting some stuff on the walls... Any ideas?


bridechic said...

Love yourr room--especially the sewing machine in front of the window . ...notla

Pop Champagne said...

ooh very nice, I esp love the drapery on your window!