Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NPJ Space for the Production of Pure Delight - Brainstorming

I must have logged 4 hours creating a mood board for my workroom.  For one thing, I love playing in Photoshop.  I'm a rank amateur, but I love it. Second, putting a room together and harboring a case of OCD is totally debilitating. Yes, I know this will only be my work area for three years. Yes, I know we rent and it is senseless to put forth too much effort selecting wall color and dreaming of wall-mounted storage. BUT. This is the place where I CREATE and I have to be INSPIRED. So here's what I have:
1.  My mood board background color (Pantone shade BCBC97) is the closest I could come on a computer screen to matching Freshaire Choice in FA024 "Northern Pear Tree." I think this will be my wall color.

2. Emmy Panels as I mentioned here and available at Pottery Barn Kids.

3. Pegboard storage wall as pictured in the Better Homes and Gardens, Special Storage Issue. I could paint it the same shade as the wall, but I think pink (see curtains) would be more fun. Let's face it: I am Janice. I like pink.

4. Amazing pendant light found on Etsy - Blue Bird Heaven. My room has and needs a ceiling fan thanks to Florida's year-round humidity, but I love this as a lamp shade for...

5. A lamp we currently own. This is yet another demonstration of my husband's great taste.  He bought this lamp long before I came along so I can take no credit for this great number. 

6. Vika Fintorp table top and legs from Ikea. The best part of this table (besides the fun legs) is that it is stainless steel so when I lay my fabric out I can keep it in place with magnets.  That Ikea, they are smarter than their prices imply.

7. Another Etsy find, this plant stand is from Royal Oak Cottage's shop. It seemed only fair that I include links to the products on my mood board, but, Internet, if you buy my plant stand before I have a chance to I will cry for days and resort to eating chocolate-covered marshmallow pumpkins. None of us wants that. Won't this stand look awesome holding spools of satin ribbon? Yes, yes it will. So leave it alone.*

8. Chelsea Swivel Chair from Pottery Barn Teen.

And that is where I stopped.  I actually spent several more hours looking at chandeliers, art, areas rugs, and daybeds, but the choices were too many.  I know my list of "wants" will change a million times during the process of setting up shop but I still like to start with firm ideas.  That said, I have some posts full of potential NPJ decor. So Y'all come back now.

*Despite my threats, I am a HUGE supporter of Etsy artisans and it would thrill me to no end if you guys bought something because of me so please, knock yourselves out.  Besides, with the pending opening of MY VERY OWN ETSY SHOP I want to encourage perusal of all sorts. So go forth and buy! (But if you buy my plant stand feel free to find me another and maybe hook me up with a gift certificate).

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