Monday, September 27, 2010

NPJ Space for the Production of Pure Delight - The beginning

Remember when I talked about having my own space? Well, Internet, the time has come for me to start wrangling that space into a workroom/office for Never a Plain Jane Designs. I've been working in there for about two weeks, but it isn't exactly what I'd call an inspiring room. When we moved in (but didn't yet have our stuff)  it looked like this:
Then it spent some time as Emily's sleeping space and a corral for various furnishings while we figured stuff out:
Honey was obviously distressed by this state of affairs. Once the paint job and bed for Em's room were finished we were able to prep this room for Sarah's visit. I didn't actually photograph the room at this stage but it looked like your basic, bare-bones guest room. The queen bed was set up and made, curtains were hung, and the nightstand and bookshelf were shoved against walls.

Since Sarah left, I've been working in the room basically as it was while she was here. This has been my work space:
To the diagonal is the bed, which I'd been using as a cutting area. It has been kind of rough for me, but Honey remains unfazed:
But, internet, things are about to change.

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