Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Craft-along: Leaves

Hello, darlings!  Ready to get back to our craft-along?  I am! My front door looks so sadly naked. If you are just joining us and want to see the previous tutorials you can do so here.

Today's "tutorial" is easy peasy. I wanted to make my wreath entirely out of scraps, but, alas, I felt this little touch needed to be felt.  I shelled a whole $0.80 for two sheets of green felt because I honestly don't know any other fabric that will work.

And what are we making with this felt?  Leaves!

Step 1:

Cut out a leaf shape roughly three inches by one and a half inch.  Mine is pretty much a pointy-ended oval.

Step 2: 

Cut a slit from one point roughly 1/3 to 1/2 of the way into the leaf.* Also, consider a quick manicure before posting close-up photos of your hand.

 Step 3:

Place a dot of fabric glue or hot glue on one side of your split.  Place the non-glued side on top of the glue - bottom side to top side.

Now you have a sweet little cup in your leaf so it has a bit of dimension. *Note, the longer you make your cut the more your leaf will cup.

Easy, right?

How is your wreath coming along? Are you just about ready to put it all together?

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