Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nailed It, the redux

In July I shared with you some of the awesome manicures I had come across on Pinterest. Then, on October 2 the ever-mysterious anonymous left a comment asking where the nail armor I had featured could be purchased. Alas, Anonymous, I do not know.  But while I was looking I found a lot of really cool info on the happenings within the realm of nail art.

CalGel Gradation Manicure
 First, I have to come clean. I never paint my nails. It looks so polished (ahem) and chic for about three hours and then one of them will chip and drive me absolutely crazy.  I love a good wash of color, I just like it on my toes. It should come as no surprise that my head has pretty much been in the sand when it comes to all the novel nail accoutrements available.

Ming Vase Manicure

First, polish. Even I am not so out of it that I don't know about all the crazy crackle finishes and magnetized fun available in a bottle of polish these days.

part of the Shatter line from OPI
Shine from Yahoo! has a rundown on the many many brands that make a crackle polish and where you can find them here.

Sephora felt it very important I know about the new magnetized polish from nails, inc. It looks pretty cool (pricey, but cool) although I have my doubts about my ability to recreate this look.

Click on the image for more info
From paint on we move to press on. No! Not press-on nails! Well, not exactly.  I'm talking about nail polis stickers! I first noticed these puppies on my acquaintance, Drea, when I asked if I could post this "boudoir" photo of her.

photo by Lauren Kennedy
I realize there are more eye-catching things in this photo, but those nails totally grabbed me! I can't speak for Drea's nails in particular but you can totally get this look and about a dozen others using the Salon Effects line by Sally Hansen.

The way I understand it, you press these nail polish strips to your nail and shape any of the overhanging excess with a file. It is entirely possible that I could do that without royally screwing up.

I know, I know, I also am reeling from all the greatness now available in my favorite nail product aisle.  But there's more. Anonymous, all this is for you, babe. I didn't find the pearl and filigree "nail armor" we both admired, but I did find the Japanese practice of Stereoscopic nails.

from via we heart it
Basically anywhere from one to a 10 set of acrylic nails can be custom ordered from a number of nail artisans. The nail is literally built to your specifications using paints, "mixtures", jewels, you name it! Instead of lifting copy from somewhere else (and stealing their photos) I'll refer to this post on PingMag. Really, you have to see the photos. And the video. People like Megumi Furukawa, Aya Fukuda,  and Naomi Yasuda have taken what once was street style and made it an intricate art form.

I sort of love it.

Okay, but some of us don't have time to sit down and get a set of acrylics put on. Then what?  Well, we do what the stars do.

Diamond Pave Nail Ring from Bijules

That's right, we get pave diamond set nail rings. Or, you know, something not $4500.

There you go, Anonymous and my other darlings.  A whole lot I didn't know about fingernails. If I do try the Sally Hansen number I promise to tell you all about it.  Will you do the same?

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