Friday, October 14, 2011

For every girl, a garter

I'm a sucker for a femme fatale. My friend Jessica says it is because I admire strong women. Whether or not that is a correct diagnosis, one of my forever favorite vixens is Poison Ivy.

As I originally saw her - In cartoon form

I'm also have a thing for red heads. Go figure.

Alas, I don't really see any day soon in which it would be acceptable for me to don red waves and/or green leaves.  So I leave it up to you, my internet darlings. Please someone dress up as Poison Ivy. I mean, I already have your garters ready and waiting for you.

Garter pair: Poison Ivy
usually I'd just stop the "For every girl" feature with a garter photo and go about my merry day.  But I love this character so much couldn't resist doing a little costume recon.

I can appreciate a comic book character's traditional leotard and tights uniform, but I think I prefer the skirted renditions.

Samantha SamSam as Poison Ivy by Celeste Giuliano
via Nilla on DeviantArt
Amazing interpretation from

Let's take a page from yesterday's post and focus on getting into character all the way to the tips of your fingers.

Even though it's Halloween it's still just a crazy outfit until you put your face on.

I love holidays that let you dress up. And seriously, be Poison Ivy.  She's undeniable.  If you do use the coupon code FemmeFatale at my shop and shipping is free.

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bridechic said...

I too love red hair but am very blonde at present and think I'm going to stay blonde. The green paired up with red hair is really something special . . .