Thursday, September 15, 2011

Boudoir Photos

I adore the idea of a boudoir shoot.  The photos make for such an intimate gift - something just for you and your partner.

Now, don't be scared, I'm not talking about posing for the types of photos published in Playboy; although that is totally an option. But I'm thinking of something more subtle. Tasteful and teasing.

For example...

This is Drea, photographed by Lauren Kennedy. I love this photo. Drea's jewelry, her nails, the tat...perfection! Lauren did an amazing job capturing Drea's three-dimensional personality with a two-dimensional medium.

Honestly, this is not really a provocative photo.  There's a great deal of modesty - enough that both Drea and Lauren felt this photo could go on Facebook without any issue.

And that's exactly my point.

You can take a totally sexy photo (look at those sweet curves up there!) while still leaving a lot up to the imagination. (You know, in case your kid starts rummaging around in your dresser drawers.) Inspired by Drea and Lauren, I found more tantalizing bare back shots.

via Hello, Beautiful
Lily Aldridge for Victoria's Secret 2011 Bridal Collection via Living that Whiskey Life

Would you consider doing a boudoir shoot?


bridechic said...

Yes, with photoshop anything's possible. So at my age this might be a real kick!

Sew Bee It Clothier said...

You bet....mine would be a photo of the front! Maybe a lovely tat or two!