Friday, August 19, 2011

For every girl, a garter

For those of you following me on Facebook, you might remember me mentioning how great tattooed brides look in my garters.

And for my blog followers, well, you might remember the well wishes I sent out to NPJ bride Autumn after her April wedding.

After taking a few months to settle into her new, married life, Autumn sent me a few photos of her one-of-a-kind accessory in action! (You can also see the toss garter in her left hand.)

 Try to ignore the awesome dress for a second and let's focus on that amazing smile. She looks just beyond happy!  My darlings, this is what they mean when someone says a bride is glowing.

I adore that chunky, bib necklace!  I know Autumn is busy with, you know, life, but I am trying to find out more about that necklace.  The pinwheels garter sort of echoes the bold jewelry, which makes it sort of perfect.

Okay, now I'll let you focus on the dress. I am dying to know more, aren't you?!  And those shoes! Her entire ensemble is so edgy and elegant.  Her dark hair and vivid tattoos heighten the drama even more.

Really, my dears, I could not have asked for a more beautiful bride. How lucky am I?!

Thank you, Autumn, for letting me share your photos.  You are the most to-die-for bride in the history of brides. Ever!


botanical brouhaha said...

So cool to see your garter on a real bride! You dreamed created it. So proud of you!

Never A Plain Jane said...

Thank you, Amy! I 'm proud of me too.