Monday, August 22, 2011

A little boudoir

I love love love the idea of a boudoir photo shoot. The whole concept is just awesome. The photos would make an amazing gift from a bride to her new spouse, to commemorate an anniversary or milestone birthday, to stay close to a spouse who travels a lot (I'm looking at you military wives!), to celebrate weight loss or recovery from illness, or even just as a chance to live out your own super model fantasy.

I adore this photo from the Free People January Catalog.

One Sunburst Maxi Dress (click the image for more info)
Your boudoir shoot can absolutely be catered to your specific tastes.  I love how this shot is both modest and very sexy.  The sunlit balcony gives us a glimpse of the model's silhouette while leaving plenty to the imagination.

Of course there are plenty of more risque poses if you are so inclined, but we'll leave that for another day.

Would you consider doing a boudoir shoot?

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