Friday, March 25, 2011

For Every Girl, A Garter

Well kids, we're changing things up a bit. I just wasn't feelin' you feelin' the voting scenarios. I think we can all agree, however, that looking at pretty dresses is fun, fun, fun! So today I have...

This fabulous confection is available through CustomMadeForU, a Chinese family that offers a variety of gorgeous dresses through their Etsy shop. This particular beauty is listed for $1500. Seriously!?

I've paired it with my own confection, the Love in Bloom Garter . I love these together.  All the ruffling, and the pink and cream color combo.  Perfect!

What sort of accessories would you dream up for this fairy tale dress?


April Stilwell said...

NO WAY! That dress is gorgeous, and that etsy shop should totally pair this up with your Garter. They were made for each other ;)

botanical brouhaha said...

Perfection! I think I'm loving this new format even more because you dig up the greatest dresses and know exactly which garter to pair it with! No work on our part...just enjoyment!

Anonymous said...

Stunning! I LOVE it. Now if only I had some place to wear it. :)