Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Find Inspiration In...The Sea

More specifically, find inspiration in starfish. Why? Because of the very pretty chickadee in this photo.
That's Jenny.  I could go on and on about how fun and sweet she is. I could write about her infectious laugh and pretty smile, too. But she'd get kind of embarrassed so I'd better not.

What I will write is, Jenny's getting married! Earlier this month I got a save the date card. Wanna see?

I love it! Especially the starfish, which Jenny tells me is going to be a prominent element at the wedding.

Want to play along? Post links to your favorite sea-inspired projects and photos in the comments.


April Stilwell said...

Is someone coming back to VA Beach for a visit? If so and you have time (trust me... I know all too well how crazy visits can be!) Drop me a line! :)

Never A Plain Jane said...

I am hoping I can come, but you know it is trying to find fundage for trips not related to transporting a kid. Be careful with your invitations, though. You might find yourself with a house guest!

botanical brouhaha said...

love the setting of this wedding!!

Lisa S said...

Well, it's not really a photo, but more like a funny story. I have a friend who has a small cake/cupcake business that she runs from her home. Recently, she had a friend get married and they did a starfish theme. My friend offered to make the favors for the wedding, and the bride wanted chocolate starfish. Sounds easy, right? Well, she bought 3 candy molds.... and ended up having to do nearly 700 chocolate starfish. lol It took her DAYS to get them all finished. She decided to list them in her online shop and they're now one of her biggest sellers. She definitely has more than 3 molds now, though. lol