Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's a jungle in here!

You may remember back in November when I made Emily some pretty jazzy pajama pants thanks to a lesson from a woman who is pretty jazzy herself. Well, last month I e-mailed her to set up a second lesson only to discover she doesn't know how to sew clothes! (Okay, this is sort of a lie.  Susan is a fantastic seamstress so she could very well sew clothes, she just hasn't ever done it). I was soooo sad. But, because she is such a doll, Susan referred me to the undeniably fabulous Allison of Sew Be It Clothier.

Allison is a lifestyle ninja (I just coined that phrase). Seven years ago she had a bilateral mastectomy and kicked breast cancer soundly in the rear.   To celebrate she hangs a pink bra - the only one she owns - on her front door for the month of February.  How fab is that?  She works at Costco, teaches sewing, has an Etsy shop, gives her husband a hard time, has a hoppin' social life, and never turns off her coffee pot. This woman seriously knows how to get everything she wants out of life.  I think I love her.

Well, we started talking the second she greeted me at my car door and did not shut up for the next four hours.  It was awesome. And when all was said and done she had shown me how to take this:
Simplicity Pattern 3902
...and turn it into this:
When Emily selected that material I was dubious.  I should have known she'd pick something totally wild based on her past fashion record. But once I started seeing the dress come together, Oh my gosh!
 It came out so well. Just look at that sweetheart neckline! Yeah, I did that!
 It is just perfect for the prowling, posturing, posing, pouncing wildcat that is my Emily!


Susan Freebery said...

Seriously, Emily is GORGEOUS!!! I love, love, love your creation and can't wait to see more! Yeah, Janice!!!

Susan Freebery said...

Serioulsy, Emily is GORGEOUS!!! I love the dress, your creation is BEAUTIFUL!!! Well done, Janice!!! I can't wait to see more photos!

Sew Bee It Clothier said...

It came out fabulous! Emily is a tigress, alright!
You did a fabulous job! See!