Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blushing Brides

At first I was skeptical. Light peachy pink? For a wedding?  It'd be like getting married inside a powder puff.  And, yeah, it could be.  But it could also be totally chic. Just check out some of the great things blushing brides are doing.

First, blush is in the eye of the beholder. (So are "light pink" and "peach" for that matter.) In this selection of invitations "blush" ranges from a pale shade of coral to soft baby pink.
Upper right: Bloom Wedding Invitation by Fanfare Design on

No matter where it actually falls in the pink-peach category, blush is still a warm color. Including it in your wedding decor will set a very inviting scene.
Are you dying to have a photo-shoot on that couch?! How about some champagne and gossip on those gorgeous rugs? Yeah, me too.

I love these tulle pom poms. Here they are on toothpicks, but you could put them on anything! Imagine them on pens for your guestbook or attached to sparklers or clustered in a mason jar for a shabby chic centerpiece. I also see little girls running around waving tulle pom pom fairy wands. As for the vintage typewriter - IT IS A VINTAGE PINK TYPEWRITER! Forget a book; have your guests type a salutation. It'll be more legible than handwriting.  Plus, IT IS A VINTAGE PINK TYPEWRITER!

When it comes to the botanicals for a blush wedding I'm sure roses could easily steal the show, but first consider these.

I admit, you have to tread lightly when dressing in pastel shades from the pink family. The wrong cut can take a dress into lingerie territory and too many ruffles will take a gal from bride to cake-topper faster than you can say pale peach posies please. 
These you've seen before (here and here).
And these are new.
Dress on right by ouma at

As a bride, you hold a lot of power so please, please be kind to your bridesmaids. They do not want to look like they borrowed a dress from their school-aged sister nor do they want to look like a cupcake.  Unless it is a theme wedding centered around confections.
I give you permission to dress your flower girl in the most fairy cupcake princess attire, but I included a posh alternative above just in case.

Still envision yourself walking down the aisle in white?  Kick the color up a notch with your headpiece or your shoes.(Side note, brides in technicolor kicks are showing up in all sorts of photographer portfolios and blogs.)

Finally, let them eat cake! Nobody in your wedding party wants to look like a confection, but that doesn't mean nobody wants to eat them. Blush is a fabulous shade for food! Cotton candy, anyone?

Well, I'm sold on this new iteration of the blushing bride.  Are you?

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