Friday, December 17, 2010

For Every Girl, A Garter

I don't really feel like I need to say much here because the dress speaks for itself. I mean, come on. An ice blue wedding gown with matching sweater in winter? How could you not want this!?

What garter would you choose for this bride meets cozy look?

More blue?
Margaret's Divine
Maybe something masculine to play off this feminine dress.
All Tied Up
Or something full and romantic to complement that bellerina skirt.
Swan Lake
Last week the garter selection was a close call.  There was a three-way tie until I got a message on Facebook putting #3 in the lead:
Rose Red 2
Thanks for playing!  Can't wait to see what you pick next week.

*I'm having the darnedest time crediting today's dress photo.  The image is all over the place but never with an indication of the designer or where it was originally posted, although there was a vague reference to Chanel.


Erratt Family said...

Garter #1 for me. I think the styles complement each other really well.

botanical brouhaha said...

You pick the most incredible dresses! I love this one...and oddly enough, I'd pick garter #2...masculine and ultra feminine...great contrast.

Jeanie said...

Oh wow! I can just imagine a bride in the gown in front of a fireplace with her groom.

Stunning gown. I love playing this game...I'd pick #1 for this gown (but how hot is #2, lovin it too).