Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Oh Internet, how I've missed you! The holiday season found me in Texas with the family but (unexpectedly) without internet. I am pretty sure I displayed signs of an addict - wandering about zombie-like obsessing over who might have e-mailed me, how my shop was doing, would my blog readers miss me...My reunion with Ben found me making sweet love to his blackberry while my husband stood by wondering where his damn hugs were. The big lesson here is make preparations before traveling. In the future dear internet, I will make an away message for my e-mail, put my shop on vacation, and either pre-write posts or give you fair warning of pending radio silence. Sadly, now that we are finally reunited, I can only give you a mediocre post because I've been playing e-catch up since my return to Tampa Friday night. I love you. Please don't leave me.

All that said, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Did you eat black-eyed peas and make resolutions over the weekend? I strongly dislike black-eyed peas so I forwent that particular tradition. Blech! I did, however, make a resolution.  In 2011 I resolve to concentrate on doing one thing at a time. Hard stuff for me. For example, when I get ready in the morning it goes something like this: brush teeth while making bed and opening blinds, check e-mail, wash face, check other e-mail, put on foundation, straighten one layer of hair, check e-mail, put on blush, straighten next layer of hair, check e-mail...Do you see how this is going?  I'm exhausted just typing it and that is my approach to. every. aspect. of. my. day.  I start three or four tasks and then bounce frenetically between them.  Then I wonder why my daughter can't concentrate on anything for more than 67 seconds. I have decided my way of doing, well,  everything is contributing to my lack of satisfaction each day. I'm pretty sure multi-tasking is just a myth;  the human brain can only actually do one thing at a time and all that shifting around keeps the mind from fully engaging in the task at hand. And that leads to unfinished or semi-crappy products.

No more! One. Thing. At. A. Time.

To show you how serious I am I'll tell you a little secret, I actually wanted to make about 14 resolutions, but then I didn't because, you see, I already have one thing to concentrate on. Ta da!

Now what about you?  Where are you placing your resolve this year?

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