Saturday, October 2, 2010

NPJ Space for the Production of Pure Delight - Possibilities

I love chandeliers. It has been my dream for some years now to have one of those glittering suspended above the huge clawfoot tub I do no currently own. However, while I wait for life to give me a house with such a tub, perhaps I could put a chandelier in my workroom. It could totally go with us when we move again. Really, there's nothing stopping me. Except, you know, that pesky cash thing. But if I could...

Bronze Crystal Flower Chandelier

Crystal Bud Chandelier

But I don't think I'll find $2000 in my couch cushions any time soon. COCOCOZY recommends this ball of prettiness for $998 from Anthropologie:
Sadly, this is no longer being sold on their website.  But who am I kidding?  $1000 is only half as far away as $2000. Let's look a little closer to my comfort zone. I'm totally feeling these two shabby chic numbers from Pottery Barn Kids:

Natural Girls' Chandelier

White Ella Chandelier
They are each only $129 and actually, they kind of suit this particular room better.  Plus, I can leave them as they are now or find ways to add more bling later as funding becomes available. Wee!

But, for those of you paying attention earlier this week, if I get a chandelier I can't stop there.  My workspace is on the second story of our house. In Florida. Where the lowest daytime high we've seen this fall is 89. Our family tries to be conservative with our AC usage so it can get pretty stuffy up there. I'd like to get some kind of air purifier/fan combo thingy that can live on the corner, but this desktop model from Hunter makes me swoon a little:

My wish list doesn't stop here. I've still got to figure out area rugs and artwork. But what about you? Is it silly to get a little weak-kneed over lighting or do you do it too?

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