Thursday, October 28, 2010

The final part of the process (for now)

Feeling a little lost?  Click here for part one and here for part two.

I finally admitted to myself that the Ruffles garter was not going to be listed on Etsy. I just was not passionate about it and I could not put my name on something I wasn't passionate about.

But Never a Plain Jane never says die. I painstakingly picked apart the seams and surveyed the carnage. The silky, pink carnage. The silky, pink, flower petal-esque carnage. Ah Ha!

A lot of snipping and some craft magic and I had:

Almost no part of my original concept remained, but I had something very pretty. A few more hours of working gave me:

To date, the Love in Bloom garter has been viewed 53 times and was chosen for one treasury. The process for making this piece was convoluted and inefficient, but I am okay with that.  I'm new here so I expect it will be awhile before I find the best way to make each idea a reality. I also fully expect that after I've got the whole creation process down to a science I'll hit some kind of roadblock that forces me back to my current bumbling practices.

Speaking of creating, I've got ideas to make into realities and a full cup of coffee so off to work I go!

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