Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Never a Plain Process

The treasury I shared yesterday gives me a good opportunity to let you guys in on part of my process for designing garters.  Right now, it is a pretty haphazard-trial-and-error kind of deal. Sometimes I get an idea and an hour or so later I have exactly what I want. More often I have an idea and two weeks later I'm still struggling to make any tiny portion of it a reality. So it was with Love in Bloom.

It started a few weeks ago with an idea born from one of my favorite tops and a pile of Midori Double Faced satin ribbon.

I made a sketch on my dry erase board and let it simmer for a few days. Then I spent a few hours putting gathers in ribbon.
And I discovered that satin is a) heavy, and b) unforgiving. So into a drawer went one elasticized mess of ruffled ribbon.

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