Tuesday, September 11, 2007

School is now in session

Once again, I wish I could be a full time student. Seriously, my classes are so fun this semester and positively engaging! I fell like I'm cheating me and the class by not being able to completely immerse myself in studying. I may have found that proverbial calling in women's studies. Not what I would have expected for myself, but so very interesting. I just want to soak it up; find out what has been studied and what aspects were missed; delve into the history of it all. I mean, I'm not thinking that all women have been brainwashed into fashionable, beauty craving zombies, but I do think there are some amazingly well hidden socialization methods throbbing throughout our culture. I'm a little pissed because next week I have to pick a project for the semester and I don't even think all of the interesting topics have been revealed to me yet. After, all three weeks is not so very much time. Yea for renewed vigor!

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