Sunday, September 17, 2006

Odds n weekends

Friday night was dinner with my folks pouring over their yearbooks. How I wish people still put themselves together the way they did in the sixties. So much fun! Saturday Mom and I took Emily shopping, which was not so fun. Poor Em was a terror. I'm not sure if she was tired or hungry or feeling bad or what. She was just so whiny and occasionally mean. She had to get spanked. I hate spanking her. Getting her down for a nap was no easy task either. Fortunately, it was also not an impossible task and her mood much improved after some fitful ZZZs. We took a little field-trip to the grocery store before picking up Charley for dinner. Yay Charley. I was shocked when he called but oh so happy. He always makes me laugh. Some things never change. We had a rather loooong dinner at Hullabaloos where Emily was quite entertaining. Hopefully we'll get together again soon. After putting my kiddo to bed was a nice three hour conversation with Ben. This is a little odd because we have definitely talked for more than an hour a day every day the past two weeks. It feels relationshipish and that is worrisome. I worry it'll hold him back from really finding someone. Not that I'm all that great, but he makes me feel like I am. It's a little troubling, but the conversations are so comfortable and it is nice to have a best friend again...So then Sunday rolled around (a little too early for my tastes, but eh) and Em and I lounged a bit before breakfast with Sarah. I love that girl. Breakfast was fun (and yummy) and the shopping afterward was just more good times. Now Sarah is gone and my mom is at home with Emily and I am chatting online with Ben hoping Katie calls me soon. So I feel better after all that activity. I suppose this will happen sometimes. I just have to keep trying to find that happy medium.

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