Thursday, August 17, 2006

Celebrate we will

And a resounding "ahhhh." What a great day. Nothing special. Just a removal from my all too common funk. The rainclouds lifted, the sun shone, there was cake...It was a good birthday. The best, actually. I should be working (shouldn't I always?) but I want to take at least a little time to hold onto how good I feel right now. Like I've been cleaned out. Oddly, I should be tired and cranky. I couldn't fall asleep last night. I had the oddest feeling that someone would call at midnight and I would miss it. I have no idea why and of course no one did, but I couldn't shake the feeling. Emi got me up at 4:35 this morning wanting milk. *shrug* that was new. I let her "sleep"with me for two hours. She kicks. It was great! So comfortable. I let her pick out my outfit today and she did a great job. I'm all birthday cute in a skirt and pearl snap sleeveless shirt (thanks Clare) and cowboy boots. My grandparents were the first to call. My mom and Dad each called after I got to work leaving me with warm fuzzies. I dropped Emily off with no problems. Carol started singing the second I walked in. Katie got me a gift certificate for a massage and the BEST card! There was so many well wishes on Facebook and even Live Journal (yay for the actress I am stalking!). The equestrian coaches pre-ordered me a cake which had pink butter-cream icing. The business office got me a cake too. It just all felt so good! This is what I want to hold onto. Let me feel this all the time. No more worrying about not being liked or obsessing over what other folk have that I don't. I want THIS! THIS is great. *sigh and smile* What a good birthday!

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