Friday, September 29, 2006

And there are always reasons to get up in the morning

"Mama! You have on a dwess. I have on a dwess! *squeal and giggle*!" - Emily Dawn
"The first time I met you all I could think was 'here is the modern southern belle." - Dana K.
"You make me laugh! :) I love that you are pumped that there are pink M&Ms!" - Sarah G.
"I'm glad she has friends like you."  - Ryan R.
"She caught my eye while i was dancing with another girl. it's all her fault :). "- Ben H.
"How sweet are you? haha u seem like a lot of fun too!" -Stephanie M.
Yesterday I got the shocking surprise of a check in the mail which led to hysterical laughing and crying simultaneously and the following conversation: "Are you okay?" "Oh yeah! Better than. It's just I was broke and my little girl wanted grapes and then I got this check and now I can get groceries and I must seem like I'm insane, but I really really needed this!" "Oh my God! *hug* That's awesome! I totally understand being broke. Do you need to sit down? My name is Mindy."
"aw you make me smile!" - Chelsea L.
"In fact, I'd say we're best friends." -Ben B.
"You are a pretty awesome friend too!!!!" - Katie F.
"Your creativity cracks me up!" - Katie W.
"Why Ms Janice, you look lovely." - Jessica G.
"thank u girl....u was cute today when u was jumping around so happy..." -Lenka Z.
I am all about the random "conversation" on LJ with Allison and Freckles that led to so many laughs and a possible new friendship. Still haven't found a way to um emphasize those buds...
Don't worry. You have amazing will and confidence so don't give me any of that." -Clare K.
"You've already surprised me." -David W.
"Smile Beautiful." -Robert M.
"Now this girl has got some boots!" -Donald T.
"Honey, you need to be loved more than any one person can give you. But you deserve it..." -Jessica C.
"I knew that you'd be the one to excited for me" - Kim S

and all those times someone told me they loved me with absolute sincerity...

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