Sunday, January 12, 2014

Then and Now

I've been on Pinterest forever. Okay, not forever, but since its inception more than three years ago. Just skimming through, some of my pins came from early spring of 2010. Today I boast 95 boards and more than 7,000 pins.

I occasionally go through my pins to make sure they have a proper link and hash tags. It's a side effect of the crazy. Lately I've also become intimate with my "Decor to Adore" and "Mastering my Domain" boards because, you know, I'm a homeowner now.  It cracks me up to see how my tastes have changed in just three short years. Let's do some then and now comparison.

Once upon a time, this kitchen looked ideal.

from shona hem via pinterest

Now, this is what makes me swoon.

from Small Place Style via Pinterest

There was a time when I would walked 1000 in these shoes.

Polyvore via Pinterest

Today's choice would be almost as precious, but not nearly as cloying.

Where did you Get That via Pinterest

This would've been just the right amount of sparkle.

Fashion is Poison via Pinterest

These days, less is more.

1st Dibs via Pinterest

I haven't painted my finger nails in years - probably  close to a decade - but I almost considered doing this.

Hitchhiking on the Howling Road via Pinterest

Now, I'd more likely entertain this manicure.

Bloom via Pinterest

I'll never doubt Karen Millen's sense of design and tailoring.

Karen Millen via Pinterest

But I think I'll don something a bit more playful while I still can.

1st Dibs via Pinterest

I have always had unreal expectations about how much I can get done so you can imagine how long some pins have been sitting on my Make Me This board just waiting for me to actually make them. Among my early ambitions was this ruffled cardigan.

Life is Beautiful via Pinterest

However,since there are only 24 hours in a day I'd rather spend my time on this more tailored refashion.

Z via Pinterest
Speaking of that odd universal lack of time, you don't even want to know how many things have been pinned with the greatest intentions and absolutely no follow through. Whoops.

New Year's Resolution, anyone?

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bridechic said...

Happy New Year, Love! I think I have your checkerboard kitchen floor on one of my boards. I just can't get enough of those black and white tiles. Great postr