Saturday, January 4, 2014

And was done

2013 arrived with a visit to the hospital. Whoops.

Then I decided to give up sugar. Why?

We welcomed spring by starting our house hunt. Stressful.
via Evelyn Henson

In April we took a time out. Whew!

Along with the May flowers came a baby shower. Yea!

Then we hit the road. Exhausting.
Designed by Sarah Reed
We began to make ourselves comfortable. Sort of.

August brought our first house guest. Good times!

Suddenly, we had a fourth grader! Say What?

Then, I ate dirt. Hard.

In November I was thankful to find this guy still wants me around after five years. Insane.

December 24 Em lost a tooth and waited up to see the meeting between Santa and the Tooth Fairy. Fail.

The next week we welcomed the new year along with my parents in New Mexico. Actually, we greeted the new year when we woke up New Year's day because we are all either too old or too young to make it to midnight. Whoops.

I hate being a downer, but I'm approaching 2014 with a bit of apprehension. First, I'm only starting year two of my I-broke-a-mirror-and-now-have-seven-years-bad-luck. We've also got a major change in the works later this year, but things haven't developed enough for me to talk about it yet.

I'm sure the year will come with a fair share of exciting and wonderful things too, and those I intend to milk completely!

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Sarah said...

That is a very eventful year! Can't wait to see how 2014 turns out. Apprehension is ok, just don't let it push out the joy in all the good things around you. I am kinda apprehensive about my 2014 too.