Monday, April 22, 2013

The Finally-Finished Powder Room

Apparently I never told you guys, but late last year I started to re-do our downstairs powder room. I blogged about it in a guest post for Alicia. Well, after a bout with pneumonia, then nearly taking a third of my finger off, the powder room is as finished as it's going to get.

In the beginning...there was yellow.

The bathroom is really tiny, making it difficult to photograph. If you look at the family room wall you can see the buttery/lemony yellow gracing the powder room.

Next, came Pinterest, where I pinned this fantastic paint job by Susannah.

Then, the taping and striping began...

Followed by sickness and other mayhem (see above). Actually, the mirror you see just peeking around the door frame in photo two is the finger-injury culprit.

And now..THIS!

I'm no longer allowed to hang things without supervision so rest assured this mirror went up under a watchful eye.

There has been absolutely now place to hang a towel in this bathroom since the second week after we moved in. Oh how I love that towel rack. I hung it before the finger fiasco.

We picked this sign up at an antique shop in Charleston. I think it adds just the right amount of color.

So there it is; the powder room is complete less than two months before we move out. There is so much more I would like to have done, but at this point, it is all rather moot. I'm just glad to have that dingy yellow paint gone.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! Did you use chalk lines before you taped to get your lines so straight!! Very nice! Too bad you will be moving to DC soon. Think of it this way, you will get to decorate another house! You are so talented!!

Janice Bear said...

I penciled them in, but next time, I'm totally doing the chalk line - genius! I had to finish what I'd started, though. I'll consider it practice for the new digs.