Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hot days of Homemade: Fail...or not

You guys, literally within days of announcing my Hot Days of Homemade challenge I found myself wanting, even needing, new stuff!

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That very day, in fact, most of my potted herbs had a tussle with the wind and ended up with broken pots. But I didn't buy any (and boy has my lavender suffered for it).

Then, some of my new running goals have made me really really want more running "stuff." You know, sunglasses that don't slip off my nose, a digital watch with timer - stuff. But I haven't bought any.

Then my steam mop broke. I took apart and put it back together again (with a part or two left over) but it stayed broken. I can only clean floors by hand for so much of the day. So, I had to buy a new mop. I haaaad to.

But, and this is the really bad part, while buying a mop all sorts of other things started speaking to me. And I was weak. So I broke down and bought new kitchen mats from a big box store.


I'd hang my head in shame, but why? It wouldn't be called a challenge if it were easy.Plus, don't tell anyone, but I'm not perfect. That is totally a secret, okay, Internet?

So instead of beating myself up over a slip up I'm going to celebrate...

The awesome sleep mask and headband I made for Em's teacher using a thrifted silk scarf and some scrap fabric;

Em's homemade Father's Day gift to Ben;

We copied one of Disney's amazing ideas.

 and my handmade (not by me) gift to him;

Handmade - check; locally made - check; upcycled - check. Totally counts for the challenge.

and, finally, these way cute cropped pants I just finished altering!

Designer crops thrifted for $2.00, altered for free (by me!)

So forget that whole fail part; we'll call it a "stumble." Now, the question is whether or not I'll slip up again when I go to London.

I'm sure you'll wait to hear with bated breath. In the meantime, what are you making, mending, upcycling during these hot days?

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