Friday, May 11, 2012

For every girl, a garter

This week I got the best e-mail ever. Want to know what qualifies as a best e-mail? One with pictures of an NPJ bride. Wearing her original NPJ garter! At her St. Patrick's Day wedding! Seriously, you guys, I might use up my weekly quota of exclamation points in this one post.

I know you understand, though, because you cannot look at this couple and not be excited. Sarah and Chris tied the knot, literally, on St. Patrick's day. Because they are just awesome like that.

Amazing wedding photography by Mozingo Photography.

I know, right?! They exude joy!  And that isn't even the half of it.  Just look at how her sapphire eyes sparkle against that red hair.  When I was a little girl I'd call it monarch butterfly hair and ask my mom every day if I could dye my stupid blonde locks. And that headpiece!

Genius bridal portraits by Mozingo Photography

Sarah contacted me in February about making her wedding garter.  I knew we'd get along just fine because she started her message with my four favorite words; "I love this garter!" She was referring to my Golden Years garter.

I really shouldn't put my own photos in the same post as a professional photographer's.

When I made this garter I knew it was only going to appeal to certain type of girl. Luckily, Sarah came along, and she is the very best type of girl. And she requested a toss garter.

So I made fair Sarah a toss garter and described it thusly. (That's right, I just threw a"thusly" in there.)

I don't actually know Sarah - I mean we've never met - but I think she might be a wood sprite. She asked me to make a toss garter. Something simple, she said, with ivory and amber, brown and olive green. Can you imagine an early spring wedding with golds, browns, and greens? It sounds like a dance of the druids, of dusk in the hollow, of woodland dreams come true!

I happily designed my secret elf bride and creamy, dreamy, band of ivory dupioni. I added lush olive green satin leaves with just a hint of gold, and a vintage beaded earring shimmering with the tawny shades of the earth.

Sarah responded enthusiastically and confessed that yes, she was rather woodland. I just knew she and I were meant to be, but she decided to go ahead and marry that Chris fellow.

I cried for a bit, but my mourning turned to tears of joy when Mr. and Mrs. Chris Pressley sent me these most lovely photos taken by the talented Michael and Meriah Mozingo.

 Chris and Sarah, you look positively exuberant!  I trust your happy wedding is only a sign of the many joyful years ahead of you. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a small part of that loving and lasting happiness. Best wishes to you both.

Very truly yours,


TerraNerda said...

So very awesome! and such great pictures!

botanical brouhaha said...

Oh my gosh...I love this! What an amazing bride...and photographer. So thoughtful to document your garter and send you the pictures. I know that meant the world to you :)

bridechic said...

How creative and stunning!
oxoxoxo from San Francisco

Meriah Mozingo said...

Thanks for the shout out! We loved being able to photograph this wedding. What a fantastic garter! One of the coolest we have seen yet! :)