Friday, March 30, 2012

Smarter, Faster, Stronger

It is Friday! Yea! But you probably already knew that. But did you know I am turning into a super hero?  True story. I'm working on becoming smarter, faster, and stronger.


 Today, at Scoutie Girl, it is time to "get smart," but not in a Nick at Night kind of way. Granted, if anyone could rock a shoe phone, it'd be me. For now, I'll start with a smart phone.  Please stop by my Tooling Around post to share your experiences with mobile technology.


As of 9:00 this morning I finished week seven of my Couch to5K training program.  That means the last four times I ran I covered two and a half miles in 25 minutes. Please allow me to shout that at you.


Each time I run it takes me less time to fall into a good rhythm, less time to cover more distance, and less time to recover when I'm done. It. Feels. Amazing.


I totally conquered the monkey bars this week and I have the battle wounds to prove it - one for each hand!

Okay, maybe that doesn't prove it, but I know I finally made it all the way across the playground monkey bars and that's what's really important. I am getting stronger. Unfortunately, the monkey bars in Emily's schoolyard are only10 bars long but this is a photo of the Tough Mudder monkey bars:

from the Tough Mudder Facebook page.
I'm still pretty sure I'll have no problem with these by December.  Because I'm awesome.

I'm getting smarter, faster, and stronger because it is good for me and it makes me better for you.  Don't forget, I want to know the ways in which you have made yourself better and the things you still hope to accomplish.  (You could win a custom garter and you'll definitely find a support system here).

We're changing the world, you and me. 

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bridechic said...

Your timing is unbelieveable! Keep up the great work . . . .

oxoxoxo from San Francisco