Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Scarf it

I realize that head scarves are not exactly new to the world of hair adornment, but lately I am seeing them all over Pinterest. Case in point:

compilation from Girl Obsessed via Skye Bella on Pinterest

I'm going on week two of bad hair days and scarfing it is looking like a better and better idea. Girl Obsessed describes it as a,"combo of the pinup girl and the bohemian hippie chick look, messed up hair with a smooth patterned scarf on top," which just sounds deliciously boho chic.  Also, how cute would I look training for my 5K with my locks all tied up?

The thing is, Pinterest doesn't always seem to match up with my reality. I'm not seeing a lot of scarves popping up in my neighborhood. Still, I'm tempted...

What say you, darlings: set the trend or see if it shows up eventually?

1 comment:

TerraNerda said...

Always Set It, so you don't Regret It! :-)